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Good product, satisfied with the purchase

Helps prevent frizz in the morning.

I’m so happy with the purchase!

Great quality and luxurious feel!

A Dreamy Delight for Restful Sleep

Worth every penny.

Excellent quality and luxurious feel, a must-have accessory

So luxurious and comfortable to wear.

Excellent Quality with a Smooth and Elegant Feel


This is amazing it works so well what’s the secret formula??

Amazing For Protecting Hair

I use this pillowcase and I’m the morning my hair are just the way they were in the night.

My hair loves it

Hi daily before going bed I just keep hair silk wrap and next day Mrng it’s looks healthier and shining like a dove hair ad 💁🏻‍♀️ it’s a best product to my hair. I have oily scalp after using this hair wrap it’s doesn’t look like oily anymore…100% I will recommend this product and thankq for the service

Couldn’t ask for better!

Amazing product!

Everything is as promised!

Here's a name you can trust. Customer support team is so warm & helpful.

Everything is as promised!

The quality and service are par excellence. A great buy!.

Everything is as promised!

The best purchase decision I’ve made recently.

Long wrap

+beautiful, as in the photo
+My hair Is more hydrated And detangled overnight
+So nice customer service ♥️

- it goes off from my head often while I sleep even if I make wrap tighter

Everything is as promised!

Everything is as promised!

Amazing result in one use

I have used a lot of products and this has given me far great results than anything else be it shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair tools. Must have for anyone looking for less hair breakage and extending your blow dry days.

Silk Pillowcase- The Grace
Beautiful and Soft

I can see the beautiful change in my hair texture

Great product

I ordered Daphne & have been using it every night…when I get up in the morning there is no breakage plus my hair is so smooth & silky..I am in love with the product.Though I would like the cost to go down as currently it’s on expensive side..