About Us

Hailing from the bustling city of Delhi, our founder Swati was on a quest for a solution. Her gorgeous hair had suddenly become a source of frustration. Hair breakage and uncontrollable frizz were constant companions. Despite trying numerous remedies, nothing worked.

During her travels, she stumbled upon silk, a beauty secret of royals for centuries. When she returned, she hand-stitched a silk hair wrap from Indian mulberry silk which she wore every night. The results were miraculous from this small change in her beauty routine.

Swati approached her niece Mahak, an aspiring entrepreneur passionate about beauty and wellness. She shared her silk discovery, inspiring Mahak to join forces.

The name "Esmé," meaning "beloved," was chosen with deep intention. Swati and Mahak understood that for most people, their skin and hair were the most beloved parts of themselves. This understanding was particularly profound in the context of Indian women, for whom hair is not just a part of their identity but a cherished symbol of beauty and tradition.

Esmé Luxury became a labor of love. Swati & Mahak sourced the finest mulberry silk, crafting pillowcases, hair wraps, & more, that will protect hair & skin while promoting a restful night's sleep. Each Esmé piece carries the essence of their shared journey to self-love & beauty.